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Das Wetter

Berliners are still waiting for summer. We’ve had single days, or even a few days, of blue sky, sun and high temperatures. But that does not make a summer! Who said that? The local tabloid newspapers. They all filled their front pages with photos and stories about rain, storms, flooding and asking where summer was.

Here is a photo of my garden last Saturday. I’m not sure you can see the heavy rain falling but you can see the flooding of parts of the garden. Meetings were cancelled and I stayed indoors except for rushing to a supermarket under a large umbrella in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Holger was relaxing in his garden south of Bremen. See the photo he sent. No storms or flooding there. I was in the wrong place! I also got a nice message attached to an E-mail and in perfect English. Thanks for the news Holger and looking forward to seeing all the family there at the end of August.

The forecast for this week is not good here in Berlin. I planned to have breakfast in my garden on Wednesday with my Kowalke-Gang, but it looks like we shall have to postpone it. Perhaps we’ll have a sunny day next week when we can relax in the garden and catch up on news over a lazy breakfast.