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Nice Presents

Daniel arrived on Monday afternoon for an English session. He was very relaxed and told me all about his recent trip to Croatia. He went with other students from his college and really enjoyed his time there.

He speaks English very naturally and even self corrects. English is his fifth language! He is working with me to prepare for the First Certificate Examination.

Speaking is no problem and his grammar work is also good. His weakness is writing. We are going to focus on this when he returns from his summer holiday.

Tomorrow he is flying to Moldova to spend a month with his mother, grandparents and a certain lady called A. He is really looking forward to seeing them and relaxing there. We decided he should use my old(ish) MacBook when he returns to check grammar and spelling. He liked that and immediately called it ‘his’ laptop as he opened it to see what he could do with it.

Before he left, he gave me two bottles of some special ‘liquids’ for my collection. I shall taste them with members of my various gangs on my return in September. Have a great time Daniel and many thanks for your generous presents.