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Aldi vs Lidl

I got some interesting comments and feedback about my last post. Thanks family and friends for that.  A few asked for more examples of Denglish in Berlin. Here goes with words selected from last weekend’s adverts from Aldi and Lidle.

I know there is an Aldi in Silsden but not sure if Lidl has opened a store in Cobbydale yet. The Carlsberg and underpants ads come from other large stores in Germany, but they well illustrate the spread of Denglish.

Lidl Denglish: Minispray/ Hygienespray/WC-Slimline-Sticks (What on earth do you do with these things in the toilet?) /Beauty-Artikel/ Design-Powerbank/ Packbandset/ Rollerballs (No comment!)/ Outdoor-Citronellakerze/ Handmixerset.

Aldi Denglish: Funky American Eiskrem/ Yoga Shirt-Top/ Yoga Sweatshirt/ Yoga Jumpsuit/ Jeanskleid/ Jeansbermudas/ Sommer-Pyjama-Set/ Sommer-Cargohose/ Jumpsuit-Top mit Rock/ Veggie-Snack mit Dip/ Instanttee/ Sommer Edition/ Retropants/ Peeling-Body Butter ( I wonder if you have to toast someone then spread this over them before you eat the person. The mind boggles at this one!)/Slush-Eisbereiter (I wonder if this means there are machines in the Antarctic turning slush into ice at the end of summer) And finally …… Air Lounger mit Kopfteil.

As you can see, Aldi ‘has the nose in front’ for Denglish compared to its rival Lidl. Who sits in an office and creates this language drivel and how much are they paid? Come on ….. put your hand up!

I’ll let you work out what is wrong with the Carlsberg advert. Meanwhile, I am still trying to work out what these underpants have to do with Australia? Do they have kangaroos in the crotch? Message to Ian and Colin – check your underwear drawer to see if they have all jumped off to Germany!