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July 2017 Things

The weather has hardly improved since my last post. Perhaps a certain poet would say,’Oh summertime wherefore art thou?’ if he were still around! I wonder what he would say about the spread of Denglish. This is also known as Denglisch, Engleutsch, Germish and Genglish. When  French words are sucked into German, this is called Frutsch. I really like that word:-)

Denglish is very common in advertising, computer, sales, shopping German. One teacher of German once told me there are 11,000 recorded Denglish words. For example, from the world of computers: Harddisk, computer gecrasht, ich habe gedownloadet/geupdatet. Correct Denglish for the former is, ich habe downgeloadet. It is enough to make any German teacher cringe!

In the adverts for things in my local supermarkets, which I got yesterday, I found this one. Nice hair and beard but it is all written in English and produced by ‘The Great British Grooming Co.’ wherever or whatever that is. I can buy Beard Oil – perhaps I can use this in a car in an emergency! There is also Beard Balm = what is that? With Beard Waschgel I can wash a beard. I wonder why the advertising agency added a German word to an English one for this product.

Who has a birthday in July? Laura B. in Yorkshire started the month with her 21st on the 1st July, followed by Jutta not far from where I live. She celebrates her 68th today with Gerald and family. On the 17th Gerald has a birthday and also celebrates 16 years of married bliss with Jutta. Adele ends the month with her birthday in Yorkshire on the 26th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE :-))

There are a few other things of note during the month. Next Monday we shall be thinking about the sad early death of David L. all of 9 years ago now, plus thinking of Jan and Arancha who married on the 3rd two years ago. My Acer laptop will by 6 next Thursday. On the 24th I shall raise a glass of sekt with friends to celebrate getting German citizenship five years ago. One of my better decisions!.