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Oldie SPD Cruise

A perfect day with sun, blue sky and very warm. Berlin has gone into summer mode. The Berliners travel on public transport dressed in light summer clothes but still with Smart Phones in hand! At least they smile and seem happy to have such weather.

And so it was yesterday. Perfect weather for an Oldie Cruise. I took the S-Bahn and finally arrived at Jannowitz Brücke. I met another SPD Oldie as I left the train and we set off in search of our Gang. We found them in the shade sitting in front of the Chinese Embassy.

We had booked a 3 hour cruise taking us under many bridges and along the river and canal system in Berlin. It was my third such tour but I enjoyed this one as much as the others. Hello my dear Silsdeners … please put this on your list of things to do if ever you visit Berlin.

Berlin has a lot of waterways with many flowing through parks and green areas. The combination is ideal for a warm summer day.  I do not know why but the canal system was built at a different level to the river Spree. This means boats have to go into locks and either be pumped higher, or lower, before they can continue the journey.

And so it was yesterday as we slowly sailed through the water system. I noted the number of people taking photos with cameras in smart phones. I felt ancient as I pulled out my camera and took photos. Here are only 4 of those I took. The first is of most of the SPD Oldies then a shot of a bridge with a U-Bahn crossing it.

I took other photos but I selected a shot of the Office of the Prime Minister, which has a large public area including a cafe and place to sit on the river side. The final photo is of the famous Parliament Building. I am sure you have seen it before but it really does represent the history of Germany over the last 150 years.

 A must for you to see when you next visit Berlin. Make it quick for the forecast is for nice summer weather to continue for the next few days! UPDATE: Just heard that Brexitland had the warmest day since 1976!!  Don’t forget to watch TV this evening – The German Under 21 football team is playing Denmark. I wonder who will win!