Left bed

Another haircut

‘The Boyz’ came to visit this afternoon. Boy2 had a new haircut. I just had to take a photo and share with you. It is the first time he has had such a style and had shaved his sideboards to go with the new style.

While Bro1 went to sleep on my sofa, Bro2 needed some help with his German homework. It was a matter of reading a text and then answering some comprehension questions. It was only a matter of time before he completed the task. He is sitting next to me to see how you update a blog.

He is also experiencing his first Ramadan. Big Bro started it last year. Little Bro is thirsty but determined to hold out until 9.30 this evening when they are allowed to break the fast.  And now over to Bro2.

“Hallo das bin ich , ich hoffe ihr magt mein Bild ich freue mich dass ich hier bin und darf mit euch reden –  tschüss .”

Meanwhile, the hot weather has broken but I have prepared for its return. Yes, Aldi had a special offer of Gin, as you can see from this photo. Time for me to sit in the garden with friends and sip a cool gin and tonic with lots of lemon slices and ice cubes. Mmmmmh  looking forward to that!