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el abuelo

Yesterday was a very special day. El abuelo Juan (grandfather John) met la nieta Emma (granddaughter Emma)  :-)) Papa and Mama Jan and Arancha flew into Berlin on Tuesday evening for a busy few days meeting friends and family and introducing la nieta Emma to them.

It was great to welcome all and then pick up a very smiley, happy Emma and give her a big kiss! She just smiled back and kicked her legs and waved her arms as she smiled again. What a beauty! I was allowed to push her in her pram as we went into the centre to find a place for a snack.

I met a couple of friends on the way who were both surprised and happy to see me pushing a pram! By then she was asleep and as we arrived at the restaurant and ordered some food she slowly began to wake up. It was interesting to see how quickly Ma and Pa reacted to her movements and sounds.

The visit was over all too soon. I have happy memories of seeing her for the first time. I look forward to our next meeting and taking her out in the pram. As I write these words she is on her way to the airport with Mama and Papa. Have a safe flight home all!