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I’m meeting my Müggelseegang tomorrow. It is a public holiday here – but not in Brexitland! The day is called Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascention Day) if you are religious, and if an atheist/secular person you say Männertag (Men’s day).

I really enjoy this day with its culture of ‘The Lads’ setting off on bicycles for tours to and around nice places with lots of stops for beer, singing songs and eating grilled sausages before drinking even more beer. In the areas around Berlin you can still see men sitting in carts drawn by horses and all are drinking and singing drinking songs.

What a pity many tourists never see this aspect of life in Berlin when they arrive here. You need contact to locals and an invitation to just join in otherwise you do not know about it. I’m meeting my Gang at my local station at 8.54 to jump onto the RE7 train to Dessau. . I’m sure the bicycle section will be full, but no matter.

Then to Potsdam where we start our day. Uli has organised the day and I note that just south of Potsdam is a place called Forsthaus Templin which sells beer brewed there. I shall be very surprised if we do not stop there for a taste :-))

The tour around the lake covers 32 klm with stops including one for a lunch picnic. Really looking forward to tomorrow and seeing my Müggelseegang again.