Left bed

Turned out hot again

Summer has finally arrived. I held back saying this last week for after one day of 30°C and sweating, the temperature dropped and the blue sky disappeared!  We’ve had three hot sunny days since then so I think it is safe to say that summer has finally arrived.

I have spent more time on my balcony enjoying the sun in the morning and reading. I finally finished my book this morning and as I closed it I felt a sudden loss. What now! No problem for I have lots of other books on ‘My Future Reading List’. Even so, it is a strange feeling to turn the last page and put the book down.

The book is called ‘Holy Madness: Romantics, Patriots and Revolutionaries 1776 – 1871’. The author is Adam Zamoyski. I posted about this book earlier when I first opened it. It really is a remarkable work of historical study and very readable. I thought I knew more about that period of European history than most, so I was surprised at just how much I still had to learn. Put it on your must read list.

Just had a visit from Bro2 who needed help with his German homework. A bit like the blind leading the blind but I was in fact able to help him and together we wrote the text he has to give to his teacher tomorrow. I told him he had to more forceful and tell the teacher when and if he does not understand anything. I think he listens and says nothing so the teacher thinks everything is okay. I told him to open his mouth!

I’m taking him and Bro1 with me on Thursday when I meet my Muggelsee Gang for a bicycle tour around a lake south of Potsdam. They need the exercise and to see a bit more of the area around Berlin. It is a public holiday here and if the weather is good there will be lots of people on bikes not to mention sipping a few beers and getting some Bratwurst down them! Looking forward to that.