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Eat Up

Yesterday was rather special. Since I got to know The Family, we have talked about meeting to cook a tasty Afghan meal. Earlier attempts failed but yesterday we did it. The family arrived together with the main ingredients and I sent The Boyz to my local supermarket to buy the rest plus lots of cola and fruit juices for the children to drink.

The parents settled into my kitchen and started to prepare the dishes. I sat with Bro2 in the living room and helped him with English homework. Bro2 sat on the balcony and did his German homework. Sister sat opposite him and did lots of sketches and drawings, which she is good at.

The clock ticked away until we finally heard the cry, “Dinner’s ready!” They wanted to eat in a traditional way so I cleared a place on the living room floor and the dishes were set out for our delight. Here you can see the family about to tuck in. The glasses contain cola and not red wine!!

It was delicious. What did we eat? Basmati Rice cooked with spices and sultanas. Potatoes thinly sliced and fried. Chicken pieces cooked with spices, onions and tomatoes. A large fresh green salad and all washed down with water, cola and fruit juices. I really stuffed my face but there was still enough for the family to take to their quarters to enjoy today.