Left bed

Thanks and Desk

I’ve had a ‘normal’ week and even sat on my balcony in the sun on Wednesday. Wow – and it got to 30°C this afternoon. I hope summer is going to be more than a few days of blue skies and high temperatures.

Last Sunday started slowly as I dozed into the day. Suddenly the phone rang. Two ladies rang about my desk and asked if it had been built. I said no and they said they would be at my place in an hour. They are relatives of Jutta and one is a qualified and experienced specialist for building things.

They duly arrived and looked at the A4 paper showing how to build the thing, which I did not understand. They did and started to built it. They brought their equipment, including special drills, and the desk slowly began to take shape.

Meanwhile, the male part of ‘The Family’ arrived. Papa wanted to put his laptop onto my internet cable to catch up on news in Afghanistan, Bro1 needed help with his school English homework and Bro2 just wanted to be there! They got on with their respective things as my desk took even  more form.

Here you can see the completed desk and ‘The Lads’ saying ‘Thanks’ to Peter and Andre and guests who had given money for the family at Peter’s birthday party. I told you about it in a recent post. I told them to make some faces and here is the one I like best. Hope it makes you smile :-))