Left bed

More my day

This morning I went to the Docs because of the persistent throat pains, coughs and sneezing. We also talked about my visit to the local hospital and discussion there about my spine/disc problems. I told him I had rejected an operation this year. He just nodded his head then wrote me a prescription for more antibiotic tablets.

On returning home I found nice surprises in my postbox. More cards and greetings. I really smiled when three of them had pictures of drinks and comments about having a drink.

Just look at the one on the left of the photo. “Don’t worry about your age…..ALCOHOL will make it all better.” Now that is my kind of humour and thanks to A&T in London. How well they know me :-)) The others came from Hungary and Silsden!

Yesterday evening Marita and Birgit dropped in and so we sipped cool sparkling wine as we caught up on news and relaxed. I’ve really enjoyed having a 3 day birthday. Try it!