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My day

I’ve had a nice day. It was my day. Once a year I can say that. I enjoyed the recent comments by Barbara all the cards, greetings, telephone messages. This included a long chat with Ian in Sydney via Skype this morning.

As usual I went to the AWO this afternoon to meet my group working to improve their English. What a surprise when I got there. The Boss gave my a big hug and greetings in Spanish as she gave me a bottle and card. Other co-workers greeted me warmly and then the students came into the class.

Lot of happy faces and greetings plus another bottle of sekt. I was presented with a selection of musical things including a CD of Joseph Haydn’s works. We then started the lesson with a glass of sekt which another student had brought.

Later I went to another meeting and arrived home in time for a nice chat with Heike in the city of Brandenberg. Celebrations will continue tomorrow when Birgit and Marita come for a Kaffee und Kuchen but of course with a few glasses of sekt!

Talking of bottles, when Daniel was here last Sunday and we tried to build my new writing desk, he gave me a bottle just before he left. Here you can see him with a special bottle of Opa’s brew. He said it was made from wood and not fruit.  I’m not sure if was another one of his jokes. I’ll know when I try it!!