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I had a nice holiday weekend. It started last Saturday morning when I went to a local SPD meeting to plan for the election in September. In the evening I met my Kowalke Gang and we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant known to them, but not to me. A very pleasant evening.

On Monday 1st May, I went to the park next to Lichtenberg Town Hall. On that day each year there is a Mittelalter-Fest. This means a middle-age festival. It surrounds a stage with different events and music shows during the day, including a show for children in the afternoon. All participants dress in clothes from that period.

I met my SPD Gang at our local office, which faces the park, where we picked up the things we needed for our table in the park called an ‘Info-Stand’. Next to it I set up a wheel-game for children. They had three shots at stopping it on the SPD slogan to win a prize. I made sure it did and each child won a prize plus some sweets. Great to see so many happy faces, and also from their parents who noticed I was cheating to make sure the kids won :-))

Later I met ‘The Family’. It was really nice to see them together. Here is a pic of them in front of our Info-Stand with our candidate. His name is Kevin Hönicke and he is a local ‘lad’ and works as a teacher of maths and physics when not campaigning for the SPD. After that they wanted ice cream, which you can see they enjoyed.

We then wandered around the park and the kids enjoyed themselves at different stands, challenges and games. I gave each some money donated by guests at Peter’s birthday party the weekend before so they could choose which activities to take part in. At the end of all their activities they relaxed with a bag of ‘pommes’ = chips covered in ketchup!

As the clock ticked and it got darker and cooler we slowly made our way home and very happy with the time we spent together.