Left bed

Ilkley Moor

I finally managed to change this photo from png to jpg so I could edit. I recently got it as an attachment to an e-mail from Alan. As you Silsdeners know very well he is my oldest and best friend. We met when were both 16 and went to college in Leeds.

Alan and Lynne took a few days off at the end of March to spend time with son Peter, who was visiting from his home in Australia. They spent a day out in my old part of the world. This included a visit to Betty’s Tea Room in Ilkley. Yes, I always go there at the end of my visits.

Ilkley is north of Silsden in the next valley.  At the bottom is the River Wharfe. Next to the river is a cemetery and there is my mother’s family grave. I have always enjoyed visiting this town and its area. I have so many memories and that is perhaps why I keep looking at this photo.

It was taken by Peter on his smart phone. Alan gave me permission to publish on my blog. I like all of the image and did not change anything except the size. Well done, Peter. Alan is facing north and looking into the valley. I like the whole composition and the view into the mist hanging over the valley bottom and river.

I shall be there in July and perhaps with Alan and Lynne. Now that really would be special and even better if we had tea in Betty’s Tea Room!