Left bed

Jawohl, Capt’n

Yesterday afternoon my Photoshop Gang promoted me to Captain of the Oldie Navy Reserve. Now I shall have to learn to swim properly and use more than the breaststroke! Here is a pic of me complete with Capt’n cap. I would have preferred them to have made me Captain of the Oldie Ski Reserve and then sent me off to the ski slopes for a week.

The week started with bad news. My second oldest friend died of MS. His name is/was Ian and some of you know/knew him. He suffered from MS for a long time but even so it was a shock to get such news. I’m in contact with some of his family and will visit his grave when I go to the north of England next July.

After a long lunch with my Kowalke-Gang last Sunday I went home and Imre visited me. He recently went to Manila to visit his lady friend so showed me lots of photos of his time there. Very interesting and large city and he certainly enjoyed it.

He has a collection of cameras and recently bought a Canon reflex camera. We spent some time talking about using such a camera and about editing a collection of photos. For example, I said he could reduce his Manila collection and then edit them using a programme. This is new for him so we agreed that he would visit me again and have a session with one of my programmes, such as Photoshop. It was great to see him and hear his news. Here is a photo of him taken by me and edited!

On Tuesday I had a nice Kaffee und Kuchen session with my SPD Oldies and next day met my Oldie Keep Fit Gang led by Kerstin in a local Chinese restaurant. A pleasant relaxing few hours. On Thursday I spent 2 hours in an allergy doctors practice and had tests. All my old allergies are still there but I have new ones, manly from different kinds of grass! I also have new medicine.

Now to get ready to go to Alt-Landsberg which is way out in the country. I get there via S-Bahn and my bicycle but the weather is not looking too good at the moment. Going there to celebrate a birthday. I expect lots of grilling later in the evening. Enjoy your weekend!