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Health and Silver

Last Thursday I went to my docs. I told him my appointment at the local hospital had not been recorded and that was after waiting for 4 weeks! He was not happy about that but asked me to make another appointment. I got a new Überweisungsschein = transfer form or letter of referral. I have to register with the Neurochirurgie section and my problem is Protusion C5/6 li. Now you know as much as I do!

Its about problems with my spine and the collapse of some discs. It is not new but it appears that discs at the top are now collapsing as those at the bottom of the spine did a few years ago. In addition to that I got a form for more antibiotics. The bronchitis I had before I went on my skiing holiday has returned.

I also got a transfer form for Allergologie and have an appointment on Wednesday morning. My allergies have been very bad this year. I wonder what the new doctor will do. I had treatment for 10 years and nothing stopped the power of the allergie sources against resistance in my body.

I also got a transfer form for Cervicalsyndrom and Gelenkfunktionsstörung = all to do with my back and movement. I need to find a doctor who specialises in this area.  Anything else? No, but three transfer forms and a prescription for antibiotics is more than enough to keep me busy at the moment

On the brighter side. I had a visit from The Bros this morning. Bro1 has to prepare a short talk about the history of Berlin up to 1486 and didn’t know what to do or say. Fruit juice and slices of cake got us into the mood to find the material. We found it on the internet, edited it = reduce to the required period, print it out then had more orange juice and cake!

Meanwhile, I put Bro2 to work. His task was to polish my silver. Here you can see him at work and he did a good job for a beginner. They both asked if they could shower and of course I said they could. I will not bore you with details of the poor facilities for bathing in the home where they have to live. We are meeting next Thursday to buy new sport shoes for both.