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April 2017 Things

I’m late with this post. Had a busy and good start to the month. I have not had such a happy time with health. Here I refer to my flu and bronchitis plus spine/collar problems. I told you about this before. From my Doc I got a prescription to have an X-ray. This was delayed once and took place over a month later!

I then made appointment with a local hospital department to check my spine. I arrived this morning at 9.00 to be told my name was not on their list. Now into the 4th month and still no treatment. They said I could have an appointment at the end of May. I said I could be dead by then and just walked out. This series of non-treatment events could have happened in the NHS in Brexitland from what I hear in BBC news reports.  I shall just report all this to my Doc and see what he advises.

Yesterday I went to a concert at the recently opened Pierre Boulez Saal (Hall). It is in the centre of Berlin and is a project supported by Daniel Barenboim. I went with Johanna, who organised the visit and tickets. The building is the latest catering for concerts, opera, shows etc. in Berlin. The hall is oval and has a simple wood walls.

It will offer ‘modern classics’ as well as music from earlier centuries. We saw/listened to three quartets written by Joseph Haydn and played by the Hagen Quartett. They played superbly and the audience really liked their interpretation. I could have spent all afternoon listening to more. We are going there for a concert later this month.

Who has a birthday this month? Horst in Berlin kicks us off with his 83rd on the 4th. He is followed by Uli for his 70th on the 6th followed by wife Petra on the 8th. Daniel B. in Ozland will be 38 on the 9th. Dennis celebrates his 62nd with his family in California on the 11th. Writer and teacher Neil Deane will be 60 on the 13th – thanks for the invitation Neil! Matthew B. who lives near to Silsden will be 19 on the 14th. My great-nephew Henri will by all of 7 on the 18th and my old business partner Mathias hits 53 on the 19th. I am going to Peter L. birthday party to the east of Berlin to celebrate his 54th on the 23rd. Peter has given a lot of support and money to ‘The Family’. Birgit F. in Berlin ends the birthday month with her 53rd on the 24th.
To each and all: –  Have a wonderful day with family and friends!