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Goodbye Brexitland

And so it came to pass. Mrs May signed a document yesterday. It was taken to Brussels and given to the legal EU official. It announced the official withdrawal of Brexitland from the EU,  details of which have to be agreed within two years.

Goodbye Brexitland. I forecast the referendum result but still think the  citizens of Brexitland made a mistake. Only time will tell. I plan to spend next July in Brexitland with family and friends. I wonder if I shall notice any changes.

The referendum result only confirms my decision to take German citizenship some years ago. One of my best decisions. German friends still sometimes ask me how I feel about having dual citizenship. I posted about this on my blog and you can still find it in the archive links. I feel very happy about this and have no regrets.

I’ve had a nice week so far and we have even had signs of Spring this week. Nice to see blue sky, sun and temperature of 20°C. More please.  Here is a pic of the sun going down on the EU and Brexitland relationship :-))