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Oz and Bros

I recently updated Colin in Ozland about my Kowalka Gang and sent him a photo. I got some nice shots back. He is in a walking group and recenty led them on a walk in a National Park. He said it was from Bundeena to Wattamolla covering 10 klm. The weather was cool but pleasant.

Perhaps some of you have been there and know the area. It either south or north of Sydney. You can clearly see it is near/on the coast and that the season is changing. Colin will be in Berlin in a month and we are all looking forward to seeing him again and catching up on news.

I got a call earlier from Bro 1. “I need help with homework. Can I visit you?”. “Of course”, was my reply and half an hour later he rang the doorbell. Bro 2 was with him. Big Bro needed help with Maths. He had not understood the task. It was about putting a ladder against a wall and working out the angles. Once understood, he completed the task quickly.

Next was German. He had to read a text and answer comprehension questions. I checked and found he had made two mistakes. He corrected then replaced the book with his English class and work books. He spent over an hour on the tasks and I guided him and explained the grammar he needed to complete each task.

Bro 2 wanted to join in so he got some beginner activities to do. Both asked if they could come for lessons each week. Guess what my answer was :-)) After they left I prepared lessons for my Oldies on Monday and Tuesday. Next week includes entertaining a couple I have not seen for a few months. I have been invited to the opening of a new office by our local SPD Senator on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday there is a meeting of my housing association. I was elected as a representative 16 months ago. This is about using a local facility in the future. On Friday we have one of the big meetings of the representatives which begins with a light meal and drink. Lot of business to get through.  Saturday, I visit Oldie H and on Sunday The Bros visit again for homework  help. Looking forward to next week :-))