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New Hat

I bought a new hat on Monday. Actually it is a helmet designed to protect your head when you are cycling. I’ve never had one but noticed more cyclists wear a helmet now. A saw a Lydl advert for ‘cycling helmets for all the family’ and for only €9.99. A bargain.

I took the largest size and at home I read the instructions. I adjusted it to my head size and I even got the red light to work at the back. I can have it on all the time, or flashing or forming a moving circle.

Some time ago I was at an SPD Oldie session and two people from a safety association were guest speakers. The topic was protecting yourself as a cyclist. At the end we got different reflectors for the arms and ankles and an outer vest. With the helmet, I now have the most important things to show anyone where I am on the road regardless of day or night.

Earlier I told you I was going to a concert at the Philharmonie and the main piece was Bruckner’s 7th Symphony. I was wrong! It was Bruckner’s 9th Symphony. It was written for a large orchestra and with lots of brass instruments. It really is an amazing musical structure and the last symphony he wrote.

It ends with a gentle descent to the close. The audience did not move or make a sound. For over a minute there was total silence in the hall. The music pulls you in to its world so at the end you need some time to disentangle and return to sitting in a large hall with lots of people.  Go and listen to an orchestra playing it when/if you get the chance. See for yourself.