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Bro and Bro

In my last post I told you ‘The Boys’ had contacted me having English lessons at school. The school is new for them. It is a standard school compared to their last one which was a preperation school, and without English lessons. In the new school ‘The Bros’ will later have French lessons. I can’t help them there.

I looked through my files and books and collected lots of beginner information. I also found a four page plan of the English tense system. You native speakers do not know how difficult it is to learn that. I also hear many native speakers making mistakes in tenses – and use of prepositions!

English has simple and continuous tenses. German only has a system of simple tenses and most German speakers I hear in Berlin and area do not use the future tenses or the simple past! You can get by in German by only speaking simple present and present perfect. ‘The Bros’ have to learn standard English as taught in the German school system.

Confusion as they struggled to understand the tables. Communication was in German and I noted they knew nothing of the German grammer system. Back to basics.

Bro 1 was determined to make progress and did some exercises. Bro 2 gave up, went to my couch and fell asleep. Perhaps the best way to respond to beginners English :-))  Nice one, Bro2!