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March 2017 Things

Since my last post I have been busy with relaxing and reading a book 🙂 No lessons this week so I had more time to do just that. I picked up my Acer laptop on Monday. Stefan tried to save it after my decision to stop a long download. He put my Windows 7 operating system back into the machine then loaded key programmes I need such as Photoshop.

I had to load lots of other things such as a Firefox Brower, which I prefer. Then add links to ‘boxes’ in Favourites for quick contact. The first three were BBC, E-mails and Berlin! I am still adding to the list. I have decided that I prefer Windows 10 to 7. Now I can put my MacBook back to sleep and use the Acer. I also have an iMac but I need a machine using programmes for text/writing such as Word used by most people, and they all run on Windows!

I picked up the X-Rays of my back, spine, collar on Wednesday and will take to Docs next Monday morning. I talked to Papa from The Family. It appears they now have a 6 month extension to their temporary permission to stay in the country. I think the people he spoke to are still waiting for civil servants in another office to make the key decision. Meanwhile, they live in the home and dream of a place of theirown.

I’m off to meet my Kowalke Gang for lunch today. Then at 5pm ‘The Boys’ are arriving to talk about  having to learn English in their new school. I have some school books so I’ll see how they cope. Friday is a normal busy day and on Sunday I’m going to The Philharmonie to listen to Bruckner’s 7th Symphony. Can’t wait!

Who has a birthday in March? My MacBook starts the month – it will by 9 on the 19th 🙂 Dr Gunter P. will celebrate with his family here in Berlin on the 22nd. Dr Bernd W. will also celebrate with his family on the 28th but near to Bernau and Milady Johanna from the Kowalke Gang has her big day on the 31st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each and all. Prost!