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Sorry Box(ening!)

Okay Silsdeners, stand by for another German lesson. Don’t worry for it is a short one. It begins with the nearly 4 weeks of no internet connection thanks to the inability of my provider, Deutsche Telecom, to get their act together and do what they are in business for.

I got a letter from Telecom. It was dated 14 Feb. but posted nearly a week later on 20 Feb and I got it on 22 Feb.  It was from Herr Olaf Schlegel and headed (der) Servicenachweis. The first part of this collective noun is English so you can understand that.

The second half means evidence/proof/verification. The time it took to connect me is given as 15 minutes. This makes me wish I had been there. I wonder how long it really takes to press a button or throw a switch?

I also got another letter from Telecom HQ in Bonn on 16 Feb. The heading is, “Ihr Geschenk is da!” That means ‘Your present is here!’. It came in a package. In this was a flat wooden box called “Sorry Box”. When I opened it I saw some chocolates forming the words “tut uns leid”. That means ‘We are sorry’. It is their way of apologising for no-service for nearly 4 weeks.

Later I got another letter saying my bill for March would be reduced by €52,-. I shall believe that when it happens. Meanwhile, I am thinking of sharing the chocs with my Kowalke Gang when we meet for lunch next Thursday.

Latest on my wonderful world of the internet and computers is that my Acer laptop, running Windows 10, is very ill. I cancelled a 6 plus hour download. Big mistake. Stefan from my Photoshop Gang is trying to breath life into it again. Meanwhile, I have replaced it with my even older MacBook on which I am writing this update. Hoping to see The Family tomorrow. More about that in my next post.