Left bed

Postscript – Contrast

I’ve now shared with you the main details of my skiing holiday in Grossarl. As I told you at the beginning of my posts, I returned home after a 12 hour journey to discover my internet connection was out. It took Deutsche Telecom 3 weeks and 5 days to re-connect! I listened to news over a crackly radio and watched TV in the old low quality format before HD entered out world.

I also continued to take pills for my persistent bronchitis and deal with trying to sleep in my bed when I had neck/collar pains. I got more pills for this and am going for a MRT check next Wednesday morning. I also began to settle back into daily routine in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Ian and Birgit had left with me and at Salzburg we said our goodbyes as they left for the airport with Tony and Rita. They arrived in London and visited friends among other things. Birgit went to Germany to see family. Ian went to Heathrow for his plane for the long flight back to Sydney.

There he had a few problems and booked a later flight. Birgit joined him and they set off again. They had a stopover and finally arrived home in Sydney. They quickly noticed I had no internet/telephone connection so he called me on my mobile to check on my health.

He then sent me a photo of their hands holding what I hope are glasses of red Australian wine against a background of part of Sydney harbour. I decided to add another one they had sent earlier. They form a very interesting comparison to the town and valley photos of Grossarl I have shared with you in recent posts.

Many thanks Ian and Birgit for your generosity in allowing us to share your chalet, skiing and long evening chats. And of course, making it possible for me to improve my skiing :-))