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Two Skiing Heroes

After my success on the slope, I invited my ski teacher to coffee and cake after the lesson. He agreed and we chatted about our lessons and my performance. We later had a glass of something nice as we relaxed and got to know each other better.

I discovered he was studying to become a sports teacher and working at Grossarl was part of his wider study and qualifications. He added that he really liked skiing and teaching people to ski and/or improve their skiing. He comes from The Netherlands and speaks 4 languages fluently. What a talent!

His name is Jassin and when you are next on a skiing holiday in Grossarl you have to ask for him as your skiing instructor. A real skiing hero and one of the best of two skiing instructors I have ever had. Thanks Jassin for your patience, knowledge, humour and knowing how to use my camera :-))

 I got back to the chalet and told everyone about my amazing skiing session. I wish they had been there to see my transition from A to B. They were also pleased for me so next day they gave me a medal. I bought some nice liquid things so we could toast my success. Prost!!