Left bed

The valley

I always enjoyed getting out of bed and pulling the curtains back to see what the valley had to offer that morning. Sometimes I went onto the balcony to breath in the fresh cold air and look again at the view. How very different from the flat lands of, and around, Berlin!

The first photo is of that view and it was taken on the second morning of my stay. It shows the landscape to the south.  A couple of days later it was just white as the snow poured down and blocked any view of the valley. Only the brave went skiing on such days!

The second photo is in contrast for it shows a view to the north of the valley with clouds sitting on the mountains and with clear blue sky. On my first stay in Grossarl in 2010, we were in a chalet to the north and outside the town. We took the ski bus into town each morning and got off at the Panorama Ski-lift. This time you could walk there in 15 minutes from the chalet.

The third shot was taken from the top of the ski slopes. About 2,350 metres high. The summit is behind anyone taking such a shot and comes in at about 2,500 metres high. I really like the perspective and contrasts in this view and you can see just how high and wide the valley is.

The final photo is of the end of the Panorama Ski lift. There are other smaller ones that take you nearer the summit but this is the main exit point for the slopes. It has a large restaurant and huts where you can swig beer and listen to loud ‘Volksmusik’ – a matter of taste but for me I can imagine you have to listen to such rubbish when you arrive in hell!