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The town

The town is called Großarl. Some of your computers cannot read the 4th letter so I shall write it in a way your machine perhaps can. How about Grossarl – can you read it now? I told you it is in a very large valley in the centre of Austria.

If you go west and down a bit and follow a rail line you will come to another large and long valley. This houses a town called Mallnitz. I used to go skiing there a few years ago. I was with Jan a few times and the last time was a skiing holiday with Marita. I think it has more tourists than Grossarl because it is on a main road and has a railway link.

Grossarl is about the same size as Silsden, or perhaps a little smaller!  It runs along the valley bottom and up one side opposite to the ski-lift and main ski-slopes. The first photo is of the town as you enter from the chalet. Only a few steps to the centre where I enjoyed coffee and cakes in two bakery cafes plus restaurants in local hotels. You can also see a Spar shop in the centre. I went shopping there on more that a few occasions.

I climbed up the steep hill to get to the church. There I got some superb shots of the town and the valley. The next photo is the view of the town and its eastern slopes. The final shot I took into the sun as it settled into later afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised that my camera was able to capture such a shot. I always enjoyed just wandering around the small town when I was not having fun on the slopes.