Left bed

Nearly ready

I snowed last night. The first time this winter and in 2017. It’s also very cold. When you wake early and see the city covered in snow it really is an impressive sight. It doesn’t take long for the cars, trucks and buses to turn a lot of it into slush.

I could hardly sleep last night. It was time to ‘cough along in bed’. I’m overtired and hope I can sleep tonight. I went to the Docs and got two different kinds of medicine. H told me I could go on holiday for the pure mountain air would do me good. Thanks Doc!

I leave from the main railways station at 08.30am on Saturday. Over 9 hours in three trains then I take a taxi to the chalet in Großarl – its in the middle of Austria. I’m really looking forward to it and shall join a curse and of course I must hire skis, ski-boots and ski-sticks.

I have already packed my bag. The largest of them for I shall be away for two weeks although we have a laundry room. A sauna as well. Wish a could press a button and just arrive there. You may note I have packed the essentials. My Flackmann and two refill bottles. Must get the priorities right.