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January 2017 Things

Greetings for the New Year. I slept until 12.00 noon today! I had a great end of 2016 yesterday. The evening with my Kowalke Gang was relaxing with good food, nice liquids in a glass and interesting conversations. I dragged myself away from them with lots of wishes for good health in 2017 ringing in my ears.

I entered Marita’s flat at 11.00 pm with a cold bottle of French Champagne in my hand. She was very pleased at that and we quickly tested it. Happy face and ‘mmmss’ from Marita told me I had made the right choice. We just relaxed and chatted about friends, family and life in general before retiring to her terrace.

We settled down as the clock turned to 12 and even more fireworks exploded in the sky above us. There is a supermarket car park near her flat so people assembled there to set off fireworks. More sips of the champagne followed as we enjoyed the firework show. A great way to end an interesting year. I look forward to 2017, starting with a special event in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait :-))

Who has a birthday in January?  We start the new year with Peter L. in Canterbury. We have known each other from uni days and he will be 57 on the 5th. Hannelore hits 74 on the 13th in Claviers and will celebrate with husband Peter. Hope to see them there next summer. Harald P. in Berlin will celebrate his 52nd year with his family on the 21st. Dr. Peter Schmidt ( von Long-Legs) will be 33 on the 24th. I hope to celebrate the event with him. Paul B. will enjoy his 32nd with his family in New Zealand on 27th January. Finally, Frau Fox will be 76 on the 31st January and I have been invited to her party. I wrote back accepting the invitation! Happy Birthday to each and all no matter how young or old or where you are!