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New Year 2017

Eddie the Teddy came to visit me this afternoon. He said, “You haven’t updated your blog for the New Year”. I replied, “I know but I don’t know of anything original to say”. Eddie stared at me and then said in a louder voice, ” Original! You don’t have to be original. Just say what everyone says at this time of year regardless of language.”

I stared back as I though about his wise words then Eddie said, “Relax, I’ll do it.” So here is the New Year Message from Eddie the Teddie and me: ” Happy New Year/ ein glückliches neues Jahr/ feliz Ano Nuevo.”  Have a great time wherever you are :-)) Eddie nibbled a few nuts then disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. Thanks Eddie!

In a short time I am off to spend the evening with my Kowalke Gang. I am sure there will be nice things to nibble and sip. At midnight I shall be with Marita. We shall sit in her terrace facing the garden and watch people setting off fireworks. We shall then wish each other a Healthy New Year. Health is now the key word for me.