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Lunch Together

Yesterday saw a special event. It was lunch. I can hear you asking what is special about that for we have it each day! Yesterday was the first time The Family met my Kowalke Gang. Now that was a special event!

It started at 12.15 when I waited for the family outside the SB station where I live. Of course I expected them to be late. They always are although each now has a watch. Interesting that only Mama was wearing one yesterday! I called them on my mobile and shouted at them to ‘MOVE IT’!! They did and we jumped onto a tram and headed north.

Son2 sat next to me so on the way I gave him a number of mathematical calculations to do — in German — and he got most right. We arrived at our destination only 15 minutes late and there was a big warm welcome for each of us. Coats and shoes off before marching into the dining room and were seated as the first of three courses arrived. This was a tasty spicy tomato soup – as you can see from the photo.

This was followed by rice and two chicken dishes and consumed with lots of talking and getting to know you. The children did really well in German and my Gang was impressed by how quickly they had learnt (US spelling = learned!). After a brief break the puddings arrived. Yes, more than one. Chocolate pudding, ice cream, fresh fruit salad and this was followed by tea and wine for those who wanted a glass. I put my hand up immediately!

We then decided to pose for a group photograph and you can see the result here. As we relaxed after lunch, Son 2 said he wanted to learn how to box like his big brother is doing. I told him to defend himself to see how much he knew. I got a punch through – as you can see. After a bit more shadow boxing he surprised me with a punch. Just look at the smile on his face :-))

We said our goodbyes to the Kowalke Gang and took a tram home. We bought a few things the family needed at a local shop. Guess what? Hair creme for Son1 and bags of crisps for all. Nice! Happy goodbyes and I walked home with a warm glow when I thought about our first lunch meeting.  I hope there will be one at their first flat.  If they get one, or can stay here, remains to be seen!