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Very Happy

I am very, very happy! The last few days have been great starting with Marcel and lunch which I told you about in my last post. Yesterday morning I had a long lazy breakfast with Johanna then The Family arrived at my place at 3.30pm, as agreed. I’ll tell you more about that in a later post. I have some really nice photos to share with you and you can see how relaxed and happy they were.

Christmas Day morning started with happy memories of their visit in my head as I sipped green tea for breakfast. I followed that with ironing clothes then got ready for the day. I looked at all my cards and enjoyed reading greetings and news. A warm happy feeling grew as I read all.

I called a few people then it was 12.00 noon. Time to put something in a glass and toast all my family and friends all over the planet. It is now a Christmas ritual. One card really made my smile. It is of Rudolph on a beach with Santa Claus. I really like how the artist created the caricature of both. Rudolph asks Santa, “And what’s it called now?” As you can read, Santa says, “Burn out”! I think both have earned this time to relax :-))

The other card is about Neil Deane’s new book. It is his third and comes online to purchase, or from a bookshop, at the start of January. I got an early copy which arrived yesterday. Neil was born in Liverpool and his books are very funny as he recounts his experiences of growing up there and later in Germany. I’ve known him for years and it is always great to meet him. He talks as he writes so there are always lots of smiles and laughs.

The new book is called ‘Liverpool: gateway to heaven and hell. A personal odyssey’. It only costs €19.90 which is about 15 pounds sterling so it is well within your budget for the new year! The ISBN number is 978-3-86460-573-4. A must read for those Brits who have not been to Germany as well as for those who have for you can then compare your experiences with those of Neil :-))