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Marcel Lunch

The medicine has worked. The coughing, sneezing and sleepless nights are now history. This week I even went to two extra training sessions to get my body ready for skiing. Tough, but I always feel better after. I went to an Oldie Christmas Party on Monday afternoon. Finished the last English for Oldies lesson on Tuesday before going to my local SPD Oldie Christmas Party at 3.00pm. I got to chat with the Mayor again. She’s really nice and will be the new Deputy Mayor at the start of January.

On Wednesday I visited my dentist. The annual check and paperwork update. I needed work on some roots but all went okay. I did some shopping on Thursday and went to Kerstin’s Keep-Fit for Oldies this morning. Lots of talking about Christmas preparations and grandchildren as we trained. After that I set off to meet Marcel at Friedrichstraße U&S.Bahn. I arrived at 1.30pm as agreed, then my mobile rang.

It was Jan! Wippee! He was calling from Amsterdam airport. I was so pleased that he had thought about me before getting into the plane to Madrid. Heading north from there to spend the holiday with Arancha and family. Just at that moment Marcel arrived looking very well and happy. I put the mobile into his hand and said,”Guess who this is?” He quickly switched into Hungarian as he realised he was talking to Jan. I watched with pride as they used a language they both have in common. Jan speaks 6 and Marcel 3 languages. What talent!

We then walked over the River Spree to a restaurant Marcel wanted to visit for our Christmas meeting. It was my first visit but I had heard about it before. It specializes in German dishes and black-white photos of the ‘old days’ of East and West Germany. They also sell very good beer from Köln – Cologne. We ordered lunch and then caught up on news. He is flying to Budapest early tomorrow for a holiday with his family.

My present for him was to be the meal but he refused this and said I had to buy him something different, interesting and that he could use. I agreed, so I now have a few weeks to think what that could be. He had bought me a Christmas present and insisted I open it after the meal.

I did so and was surprised to discover a goblet……but not in crystal! He said I had to use it every time I had a glass of something.  His idea of an unusual and creative gift. Thanks Marcel … I must find something appropriate for you for our next meeting!! Have a great time with your family and thanks for today.