Left bed

Tissue Time

Since my last post the cold has really taken over. I had a terrible weekend. No medicine and I could not sleep in bed. I sat in an armchair with a blanket and dozed. My head hurt, eyes hurt and I filled a plastic bag with used tissues. On Sunday I tried to doze and managed a few hours of sleep. This time in bed but propped up by lots of pillows.

Monday morning saw me at the Docs where I got antibiotic tablets and cough medicine. Things have slowly improved since then. A number of times I wondered what would have happened if I had had this bad winter cold a few thousand years ago! No Docs and no medicine! Perhaps someone would have poured a bottle of whiskey down my throat and propped me up in front of a wood fire to make me sweat out the cold. Interesting idea!

I’ve had to cancel training this week. Pity for I need to build muscles on my legs in the next three weeks. I’m going to Kerstin’s Gang for Stretching on Friday before having a Christmas Party. I have to take two bottles of Sekt. Tomorrow I am going to Stefan’s Senior Centre for a Christmas meal with my Photoshop Gang. In the evening I’m going to the local council meeting. Looking forward to a quiet weekend without coughing!

Here you can see the pre-Christmas presents I got from Daniel. He is now in Moldova with his family. A nice bottle of Italian red and some books to use with my Oldies. His level has moved up so he doesn’t need them. The other pic is of my Christmas present to myself. Aldi had a special glasses offer last Monday so after seeing the Doc I bought red wine and sekt glasses. Now I have all I need for guests bearing the necessary bottles :-)))