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Thanks Paul

Paul is a member of my Tuesday English Gang at the AWO. Like the others, he is over 65 but still active in many things. Two weeks ago he gave me a large bag of things for my Refugee Family. I mentioned this in an earlier blog.

His new contribution you can see in this photo. The theme is Christmas and Time. Just look at the number of watches he has given. None of the family has a watch. A watch comes way down the list of things they need below clothes and school materials.

The parents are coming here on Saturday to cook a ‘traditional meal’. I shall find out what traditional means when I ‘tuck in’. They do not have access to a kitchen where they live. The boys are playing sports in the afternoon so eating will start at 6.30pm when they join us. I have decided not to give them the presents from Paul then.

Son1 will be 16 on 24th December and I shall invite them to my place in the afternoon. I shall give the family the gifts as a mixture of birthday and Christmas presents.The best way to combine both!