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Marcel Weekend

Marcel arrived at 5 pm last Saturday. It was our first meeting since early summer. He had a lot of studying to do, retake an exam and visit a wedding and family in Hungary. He also has a new student job and this takes up more time.

Very happy to see him and he looked well. He now does regular sport and training with other young men who share a student home. We went shopping for he wanted to cook. He actually is a good hobby cook and I was happy to watch him stir the pans.

Here you can see the result of his work. Very tasty! Next morning he woke me up, which is something new. Normally he is still in the ‘land of nod’ late Sunday morning and I have to wake him. He ate a ‘hearty’ breakfast before we slowly started into the day. That began with lunch at Johanna’s.
Again, he tucked in as we talked about many things including local politics and the rise of a populist right wing party.

After pudding and coffee we got ready to go to Tierpark = Zoo. Here you can see Marcel posing with a map of the Tierpark. It is only 5 minutes walk from Johanna’s home. It is also the largest zoo in Europe in terms of area. I bet you didn’t know that! Here is a shot of him with Johanna in front of Schloß Frierichsfelde. A few hundred years ago all the park area, and more, was part of the Schloß garden area.

In the Zoo we saw many animals and I felt sorry for them walking about in 2°C – but then I was doing just the same! At least I had warm clothes on. We walked past an area housing a kind of deer from Vietnam. We stopped to look and one came towards us. Marcel started to talk to it and it came nearer. I thought it was going to kiss him but the animal turned its head. A wise decision :-))

A really nice weekend with lots of different things to do and see. Of course, having Marcel there made it more interesting and a special weekend.