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Clear out

Normally we have a clear out as we move from winter to spring. This means entrümpeln or ausräumen in German. I started this week with one when I went looking for the reserve mouse for my laptop. I could not find it in the usual places, so I looked further.

I went through two drawers, bags and even into files. I still have not found it! But I had a great time ‘ausräumen-ing’. Just created a new word :-)) I found lots of things I had forgotten about and no longer needed. Into the bin. I also found lots of postcards sent by family and friends during the year.

I found this one sent by Alan and Lynne when they were in Scarborough. It is called Safe Harbour by Peter Adderley. I immediately used it in my ‘Relax English Classes’. Good images for description, colours and getting students to talk about their seaside holidays. Most answered England when I asked where the scene was. They said it was because of the cliff and houses.

I had two lots of visitors for Kaffee und Kuchen on Wednesday and Thursday before a busy Friday started. With my Photoshop Gang I went into Görlitzer Park to take photographs with our ancient cameras. The park is only a short walk from our building and we got some interesting shots. I found this old gate and Stefan took this shot of me taking a shot of the gate. Such is the art of photography!!

Yesterday was an exceptional day. I took the S-Bahn to Erkner to the east of the city. Walked to the Bildungszentrum in time for breakfast and greeted the rest of the SPD Lichtenberg delegates to the Klausurtagung. This means ‘ a closed meeting’ in English. Most of the discussion and analysis was about the decline in votes in the last Berlin State elections.

Fortunately we had lots of soft drinks, coffee and tea available to help concentration as we waded through three documents of 220 pages in total! Reading every word is homework for me this week:-((  We discussed the main findings and what lessons to learn for the future.

From there I returned to Berlin for an evening of good food, drinks and conversation with my Kowalke-Gang. This afternoon I’m off to the Philharmonie to meet friends and enjoy a concert. Hope you enjoy your Sunday too.