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Bell and Handel

Last Friday I had my usual training session with Kerstin then off to meet Stefan and the Photoshop Gang. We chatted, sipped coffee and munched slices of Stollen. One member suggested we take our cameras to a park for more shots because it was not raining, and we had good light.

We all agreed so jumped into a car for the journey to Volkspark Friedrichshain. If you stick your finger on a map of the centre of Berlin and find Alexander Platz, move it up and a bit to the right and you will find this park.

It was created as part of the extension of Berlin following the foundation of Germany in 1871. It is very popular and locals use it to enjoy the seasons and just walk in a large green area. We entered and started taking photos with our analogue cameras. I particularly liked an area with a small stream flowing into a pond.

On the pond side is large bell dedicated to those killed in Japan in 1945 by atomic bombs. When you move under and around the bell you have a nice sense of calm and peace. I don’t know why. Here you can see me saying hello to the bell! Worth a visit there next  time you come to Berlin.

The high point of yesterday was to gallop to my local protestant church and meet the Kowalski-Gang. Boris was singing in the choir. It was packed out but Johanna, Jutta and the rest of us managed to find seats upstairs in a corner. We settled down to enjoy a performance of Handel’s Messiah – der Messias von Händel.

It really was great to see so many people enjoying it. Choir, orchestra and we, the public, tapping fingers and feet to the music and seeing the smiles on many faces. I remember singing it in a choir when I was 10-11, but in English. The music teacher was Mr. Skull and he introduced me to the music of Mahler and Britten. What memories I had yesterday as I listened and put the clock back.
Now entering a cold but dry start to another week – but with images of that concert still in my head!