Left bed

Nearly Finished

Construction of new flats opposite mine has nearly finished. I have posted about this a number of times and shown photos. These started with the green triangle with trees which I had always enjoyed looking at and walking across. Then came the machines and workmen.

The machines dug deep holes. This was for the underground car park. I commented at the time that once you dug through about 10 mm of soil you hit sand which went on for ever. Berlin and the whole of the area sits on a very large sandpit!

Then building began. First with cement poured onto metal to form the floor of the construction. On this came walls and more cement and metal. I remember a lot of noise starting at 7 am! Sleeping late was a luxury only available on a Sunday.

Now people have moved in and the noise has changed to mainly the revving of cars! The inner garden will be completed next spring. Other garden and pavement work is being completed now.

Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday. You can see what some of the completed buildings look like. Now to have a light lunch and get ready to enjoy a performance of Händel’s Messias in the local protestant church. Meeting Johanna and gang there. Looking forward to that.