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Not Trumpeting

My blog is about my life in Berlin. I write it for sister Frances and cousin Barbara who live in Silsden. This is a small town in the west of Yorkshire in the north of England. Frances has never left the UK and has no idea about computers. Barbara has travelled a lot and is a computer whizz. Fran reads my blog at Barbara’s at the end of each month.

My blog has always focused on my life in Berlin and not reported on anything reported by the BBC or any other UK news broadcaster. You can see all these for yourself each day in your TV and don’t need me to make any comment or report.  I think I may make a small exception to this rule now.

We all know about the result of the US President election by now. I was not surprised by the result but I was/am disappointed. I told German friends a week ago that Trump would win. Do not listen to or believe the forecasters. I also told friends two months before the Brexit vote what the result would be. Perhaps I should get a programme on TV or radio  in the future:-))
I can well understand those who are leaving the US for whatever reason. I am considering finding a new flat with an anti-nuclear bunker. Like many others I wonder why nearly 300 million people could only produce Herr Trump and Frau Clinton. Is that the best the Americans could do?

I decided to add a photo to this blog post showing me teaching a nice group of ‘Oldies’.  I am sure they will make comments about the election in our lessons next week. I wonder what they will say.