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Together again

My laptop and scanner are back together again. The divorce has ended! They fell in love with each other last Friday afternoon. I told you in an earlier post that my scanner had stopped working. I talked to Maria and she sent me some useful information and three links to problem solving.

I tried them all with no success. I fiddled around with my Photoshop 7 programme. I use this to connect to my scanner. I then called Stefan and he told me to bring them to our session last Friday afternoon. He checked this, and that, and then something else in an effort to eliminate possible causes. Just then the doorbell rang and two of my Photoshop Gang arrived.

Stefan casually looked at the time on my laptop then stared. He said it wasn’t right. He checked the computer system and noted that it was set to automatically update time changes. There was one a week ago when we went from summer to winter time. My system had not made the change! No idea why not, but that was the problem. He changed the time by one hour then did a scan. It worked! Problem solved  as you can see in the image above :-))