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Special Breakfast

I had a wonderful breakfast yesterday, and it wasn’t just the food. The background is that I got an E-mail from Adrian and Tanja saying they would be in Berlin for the weekend and invited me to have breakfast with them. I immediately answered in the positive.

I liked the idea of having a late, lazy Saturday breakfast starting after 10.30. Note the word ‘after’ and not ‘at’. Reminded me of student days and lifestyle.

 I allowed one hour to get to where they were staying in Kreuzberg because of the usual weekend building/repairs on the transport system. Their rented flat was not far from where they lived in the early 1990’s, and where their daughter was born. Oh, happy memories!

I found the place, climbed the stairs to the top floor and was surprised to see other guests who I had not seen for a number of years. One was visiting from San Francisco and another from London. I had a cold bottle of a nice Spanish sekt in my rucksack, so that was opened to celebrate such a reunion.

Here you can see us enjoying meeting again. A long and lazy breakfast followed with lots of talk and interesting topics. For breakfast we were joined by A&T’s daughter and son. What a great way to start the weekend!!