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Feast your eyes

Having a nice lazy couple of days. Yesterday morning I had a haircut then nothing important until the evening when I watched a football match on TV. Dortmund beat Lisbon 2:1 in an entertaining game. Today the high point was shopping. This included cycling to my local Aldi. There is now an Aldi in Silsden. I wonder if they will offer German lessons to the locals?

This was followed by fish for lunch and then cleaning out another drawer. I found a few things I had forgotten about including a radio hiding under some cards. I also found three photos of Jan when he was at school and one of him in Florida. Now firmly in my album collection.

I also went through photos attached to recent e-mails and again enjoyed one sent by Marcel’s parents. It was about a family event. I stared again at this photo of the main table being prepared for the event and  set against the backdrop of Lake Balaton. I include it so you Silsdeners can feast your eyes on a remarkable place.

What would Hungary be without Lake Balaton?  If you have not been there then pack your bag in summer and jump on a jet. It is well worth a visit and the locals are more than friendly. What wonderful memories this photo brings back to me.