Left bed

Syd the Snake

I told you I recently met my Kowalke Gang for a very pleasant evening of chat, supper and sipping something nice from a glass. Our hostess was Martina. It was the first of our planned monthly meetings. Yes, we really like being with each other so much that we are going to meet each month.

As I prepared to leave, Martina gave me a large bag and told me to give the contents to the daughter of my Adopted Family. She had her 8th birthday the day after our meeting.  Lots of clothes for an 8 year old and appropriate for this time of year. They included four kinds of hats to keep her warm.

Martina also gave some biscuits and sweets. I am sure our birthday girl’s brothers will have eaten a few of those :-))  The gift also included a snake. As I prepared the clothes for this photo, I got talking to him. He said his name was Syd the Snake and he liked to sleep in the clothes for they kept him warm and dry.

Syd said he was looking for a new home. I said I was sure the little girl would look after him, feed him and make sure he could sleep in bags of nice warm clothes. Syd just smiled then fell asleep again. Earlier, I had met Marianne from my English Tuesday Gang. She gave me a number of pens for all the children so Syd said he would make sure her brothers got some as well. Thanks Syd!