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November 2016 Things

In Berlin we entered November with cooler weather, changing the clocks so it gets darker at night and the dominance of the colour grey/gray in the sky. The German public has now exchanged summer clothes in different colours for winter black. I confess I am as guilty as any.

A few hours ago I went into the cellar and brought out a large bag of winter clothes. I then added them to my clothes cupboards. I packed the summer clothes into bags and then into the cellar to rest in peace there for the next six months.

I’m having problems with my laptop linked to my scanner. Two days ago I tried to scan a nice photo of me published on an advertisement. My laptop said I no longer had an appropriate driver for my Windows 10 operating system. I talked to Maria about this and she thinks my system has been automatically updated so making my scanner driver obsolete.

I tried to update, including other options but without success. I gave up and called Stefan the Boss of the Photoshop Gang. He told me to bring the machines with me on Friday afternoon and he will try to find a solution. I’m sure he will. Why can’t Joe Public find a simple solution without having to ask an expert for help?

Looking forward to Saturday. Adrian and Tanja are in town and invited me to a “late breakfast”. I know what that means = not only tea/coffee on offer  :-))  Stephan will also be there. Lots of catching up on news. In November I have a number of concerts to go to, visit an art gallery and go to a special two day SPD conference in Erkner. This is east of Berlin and one of my favourite places for bicycle tours.
Who has a birthday in November? 
Daniel starts the month with his 20th on the 2nd November. His mother is visiting so I’m sure there will be a nice family celebration. Jeff in The Netherlands will be 61 on the19th, followed by Sarah in London who will be 56 on the 22nd. Stephan, who I am having breakfast with on Saturday, will be 59 on the 28th and so ends our birthday month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL!!