Left bed

Oldie Discount

Last Friday I went to my Photoshop session and on the way I bought some bread and rolls. I went to a family baker’s I discovered on a recent tour of the area with my Photoshop Gang. In the window is written, “10% discount for students and pensioners.” Very nice and so is the bread. It is on my list of places to go to each Friday.

We went through a lot of printouts of our images. We could keep what we had made, or liked, and the rest were to be re-cycled. We also selected images for a calendar we started the week before. Here you can see the room we work in. My place is on the right, first computer/seat.

On Saturday I visited Oldie H. He managed to cook a light lunch without burning anything. He’s making progress! Unfortunately he was having breathing problems but he has a machine with tubes into his nose to help him when it is bad. I took him for a slow walk with his ‘Rollator’ – walking frame, but it was too much for him and we slowly returned to his home.

I told him I was going to activate his Samsung Tablet but he wasn’t interested. On Monday I did just that. I got help from Tom who works in the local SPD office and knows everything about computers, tablets and smart-phones. Earlier we had booked a SIM card online and with his help I registered and  installed it.

The tablet now automatically goes online when it is opened. We made a few other changes to the machine. All I have to do is learn how to use it so I can teach Oldie H to do the same with what is his tablet. I wonder if he will show anymore interest than he does now.

Having problems with my scanner and link to the Photoshop programme in my Windows 10 laptop. It refused to scan and tells me I don’t have a current TWAIN source for my Windows. Strange, for I have used it many times and don’t know why it is suddenly reporting this. I’ll call Stefan and hope he can get it sorted out. The joys of wasting your life on electronic gadgets!!