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23 plus 1

My blog is written for family and friends around the world. Until recently you numbered 23. We can now welcome number 24. Her name is Krystle and she lives with her son in the south of California. She is married to Andrew, who you know is one of my nephews.

At the moment she is looking after a family business but plans to return to England with her son at the start of 2017. Andrew is looking forward to that. Meanwhile they will be meeting up in California in November for a holiday and I wish them a good time together.

She added a very interesting comment to two of my recent blog posts. Just look down the lists and click on the link called ‘Comment’ to read what she said. I look forward to more comments and thanks Krystle for sharing your thoughts.

Here is nice picture of dancers celebrating you joining the blog ‘gang’ and for your comments.