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Shirley Safe

Good news. Today I picked up an E-mail from Shirley in St. Augustine which is on the north-east coast of Florida. I had E-mailed earlier expressing worries about Hurricane Matthew for it was heading up the coast after devastating many Caribbean islands.

Now I have heard from her and that all her family are safe. I also got a message from her via Jan for he had contacted her as well. Here is a report in Shirley’s own words:

I didn’t get any damage where I live except I was without electricity for three days.  I did not evacuate as this condo is very well built.  (My daughter and her husband were not so lucky) They evacuated and when the got back on Saturday evening the whole bottom floor of their house was flooded.  Everything downstairs is ruined, there are several leaks in the roof upstairs. 

St. Augustine took a very bad hit and a lot of people lost everything. So St. Augustine has over two billion dollars in damages.  Most of it from flooding.  Some people are still without electricity.  Some people on the beach side lost their entire houses and a lot are so damaged they will have to be torn down. 
Everyone in this area is pulling together and helping one another, It is wonderful the way people from all over are coming together to help.

It must be heartbreaking so see your home destroyed and I cannot imagine how anyone could start building anew,

never mind the cost while having to find temporary housing. At least Shirley, her family and friends are safe and that was what concerned all who know her the most. Here is a photo of a wave that recently hit part of the Australian coast. It was sent by Ian.