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Shopping Smiles

I jumped onto my bicycle yesterday afternoon, stopped at the local U-B Station, secured the bike and looked around. “Where are they?” I asked myself. Just then father, son2 and daughter jumped out from behind nearby trees and shouted a loud hello. And with lots of smiles!

Onto the train and then out at Alexander Platz. Shopping time for both. Big brother got his boxing things recently – as I reported on my blog -so now they had priority. They had already found the shops and things they wanted so I just followed.

We went into a large store and into the girls section. Daughter needed autumn/winter shoes, sports things and drawing material for her school lessons. We finally got them and then it was time for son2. He needed trainers for school sports and  proper boots for autumn/winter.

We got all they needed, looked at available money, paid the bill and was left with €3. Now I shall have to look at ways of raising funds for anything else the children need. During the shopping session there were lots of smiles as well as puzzled looks at styles and colours.

Later we went into a sports shop. There son2 showed me something he wanted for his birthday. I told him there was no more money. Sad face, silence and staring at the floor.

I then told him Aunt Jutta had given some money and I would donate the rest. His face broke out into a large smile. I got his present but he is not allowed to have it until next Thursday.

All the family are coming to my place for Kaffee und Kuchen to celebrate his 14th birthday. I’ll take a couple of photos so you can share the moment he gets his present — with large smiles, of course :-))